The CS2 Building Projects team works tirelessly to execute both the product and process of building new structures.

Our projects entail domestic, commercial & industrial construction projects as well as alterations in South Africa. We welcome and include smaller scaled projects in additions to new homes, office blocks, warehouses & shopping centres.

We strive to deliver world-class building service.

Together with you, we work to bring a vision of four corners to life.
Already familiar with trends and a variety of styles, CS2 Building Projects transforms the basics to breathtaking.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for clients by adding customized and personal touches

CS2 Building Projects offers an impressive display of workmanship, industry knowledge and skill. With a weighted history of magnificent ceiling and partition installation, we achieve precision and structurally sound results. Our projects and expertise include curved partitioning, suspended ceilings, curved ceilings, plastered ceilings, intricate illuminated & curved bulkheads.

Explore our projects below:

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